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Kitware APT Repository Kitware APT Repository. This is Kitware, Inc.'s third-party APT repository, which we use for hosting our own Ubuntu packages, such as CMake. We currently support Ubuntu 16.04, … 3 Ways to Add Repositories in Linux - wikiHow Jan 08, 2016 raspbian - add-apt-repository does not work - Raspberry Pi Thank you for your suggestion. In the end, the answers in the other post do help me solve my problem (i.e. install add-apt-repository). However, I feel that my question addresses the issue from a different angle, as my question was explicitly on why add-apt-repository doesn't work (the other post seems to already assume this). How to add a repository on your Linux machine - TechRepublic

In order to add a new PPA repository, click on the Add button from the Other Software view. The following dialog will open: In the APT line field, put the name of the PPA you want to add and then click the Add Source button. The system will then ask you for authentication as only an authorized user can add a repository to Ubuntu.

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How to Add a Package Repository to Debian – Linux Hint

Package repositories managed within MAAS can be of two types: Ubuntu package repositories; Personal Package Archives (PPA) You can configure repositories in … Aptik - A Tool to Backup/Restore Your Favourite PPAs and Jul 05, 2018 How to Add or Remove PPA in Ubuntu Using GUI and Terminal