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Diff B/w VPN VS RAS - TechRepublic to add to quintar's answer, Remote Access Service, [RAS] is the service VPN and dial up users use to remotely access the LAN. VPN connects via the internet where as the dial up connects via the what is differents between RAS and VPN in networking Feb 10, 2010 DirectAccess versus VPN: They are Not the Same Sep 08, 2010 Best VPN Alternatives | Zscaler Private Access

Jun 18, 2019

Apr 04, 2018 Windows 'Always On' VPN Part 2 (NPS, RAS, and Clients In their defence I’ve seen some documentation where theres is a firewall in front and behind their RAS/VPN server, but then you keep reading and they refer to the NIC on the LAN and the NIC in the DMZ. As you can tell I’m not a fan, I prefer to have an un-authenticated and an authenticated DMZ, and neither of them are connected to the LAN

Apr 27, 2020

VPN vs VDI - What Should You Choose? | Parallels Insights Apr 27, 2020 Always On VPN and RRAS with Single NIC | Richard M. Hicks Aug 19, 2019 windows - RRAS vs. Open VPN - Server Fault