2020-7-22 · The easiest way to uninstall an app or program from your Mac is by using the trash can located on the Dock. Drag the application from wherever it is located on your Mac and drop it on the trash can. When you empty the trash, the application is deleted. Removing Apps With the Finder .

2018-3-31 · RELATED: How to Reset Any Mac App to Its Default Settings. If you absolutely must remove those files (say, if you want to reset an app to its default settings), you can use a handy app called AppCleaner to fully uninstall an app, along with all its extra files. Just launch AppCleaner, search for an application in its main window, and click on Osx Uninstaller - Remove and Uninstall Unwanted Program Get the most effective way to uninstall program on your PC. Easily handle the program removal and avoid any further issue. Download, install and learn more Download Osx … How to Uninstall Mac Apps - Macworld UK 2 days ago · Here's how to uninstall Mac apps for good You can also delete an app using Launchpad, which shows all your apps in an iOS like interface. To open Launchpad, click on … How To Completely Uninstall Software under …

2020-7-24 · 1. Uninstall Google Chrome manually. 2. Uninstall Google Chrome using App Cleaner. If you delete the Chrome browser in a usual way by just dragging and dropping it to the Trash, such specific service files as caches and logs will remain on your hard drive. If you want to uninstall the Chrome app completely, you need to remove its service files

2017-11-14 · How completely uninstall PostgreSQL 9.X on Mac OSX This article is referenced from stackoverflow: If installed PostgreSQL with homebrew , enter brew uninstall postgresql If you used the EnterpriseDB installer , follow the following step. Run the Uninstall RapidViewer 1.5.2 under Mac OS X - Mac App … Osx Uninstaller is a professional removal that can do a clean removal for the application, including the RapidViewer 1.5.2, when uninstall RapidViewer 1.5.2 with Osx Uninstaller instead of the manual removal, you will find that the program removal become much easier, and there is no any further issue after the standard removal on the utility. JD-GUI - DarJeely - 博客园

2020-5-13 · An app consumes too many resources? Uninstall software from Mac will detect it and uninstall app. As you can see, MacOS uninstall application is a handy utility. It deletes apps completely. And Mac OSX uninstaller will help with that. May 03, 2020. Mac OS uninstall application: Anyone can nail it Mac uninstall software is an out-of-the-box

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